Between 14th and 17th May 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

“Another absolutely amazing Festival Estival.”
Nickie from Putney

“We loved every minute of it all, from the welcoming reception…the incredibly interesting talks about Krakow…the fantastic Kosmos and Klezmer music.”
Tricia from Oxford

“The programme you devised and the venues you selected were so varied and interesting…we all felt we had gained a good insight into Polish life, history, music and art.”
Mark from W London

“Thank you for another wonderful FE…loved the variety of the programme, and the special insights provided by your speakers…my American contingent greatly enjoyed it.”
Cathy from Holland Park and Des Moines

“The Jewish Trio were so moving…probably one of the most emotional performances I have seen…”
Suzie from Saffron Waldon

“I really enjoyed all the divers entertainment and also mixing with such lovely people.”
Helen, sports physio, from London

“Live Performance in Good Company. Brilliant on both counts…”
Winnie from Maida Vale

“Krakow was a significant experience in itself but add to that the lively and interesting attendees and performers and we had near perfection.”
Larry from Godalming

“Overall a varied interesting programme and good value for money.”
Kevin from Shannon

“Great location and some really nice people.”
Catherine from Ireland

“My group of people want to come to the next one.”
Patrick from Limerick



Between 4th and 7th July 2013 in Valencia, Spain.

“Well I really don’t know where to begin to say how much Tom and I enjoyed Festival Estival 2013.  It was the most diverse, relaxing, enjoyable and fun four day break we have ever spent, with so many lovely people, so many wonderful evenings of music, dance and art and each day having plenty of time to relax on the beach, site see, wander and lunch/dine at leisure…”
Nickie from Berkshire

“A million thanks for thinking the whole thing up and then executing it superlatively well.  It was INTERESTING, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, ENGAGING, MOVING and FUN.  What more can one ask from anything?”
Hannah from Clapton Ponds

“..A truly perfect combination of activity and inactivity to feed the mind and the body. What a fabulous group and what a fabulous programme…”
Tom from West London

“The first evening do was excellent… Spanish bloke telling me he didn’t understand flamenco as it was from the south of Spain, but Boy, even he could see it was good.  It was spell-binding!!”
Michael from Cambs

“ In the Black Note we loved the guitarist and also the singer, JoJo Desmond.  But frankly it was Mr Vall and his gang that got us all going. The gang included fellow guests such as Ben on guitar and Dan on harmonica…also…the keyboard player was a guest from Saffron Walden and had her son and his friend with her.  They had a great time .the whole evening was terrific.”
John from Temple (London).

“ … I think the final evening (flamenco) was probably my favourite because of the nature of the performance which was so simple and uplifting but also because of the intimacy of the location … Festival Estival was a huge success and a remarkable achievement. … and you achieved the cross-generational thing which is so appealing.  We loved that aspect of the party …”
Jane from Linton

“The events were exhilarating, emotional, hilarious and inspiring.”
Gemma from Linton

“So enjoyed everything from high opera in soaring surroundings to raw rock and roll in low dives, not forgetting fabulous long lunches and walks through Valencia in the early hours; Bravo Carlos!”
Tristram from Clapham

“We loved both flamenco nights especially.  I think I must have been Spanish in an earlier life – And the IVAM opera singers were out of the toppest of top drawers …”
John from South Battersea

“ … but the greatest pleasure of all was to have been captivated by the spell woven by the Festival Estival team, and held all 120 or more of us, in its warm embrace…”
Chantal from Dulwich

“We salute the Magician to the City of Valencia, cultural producer/impresario extraordinaire and we thank you all most warmly for such a wonderful time.”
Theo from Exeter

“… a delightful concoction of culture, food and drink prepared by a maestro who knows what it takes to keep the blood flowing.  Congratulations and thank you once again …”
Winnie from Maida Vale

“…FestivalEstival was the highlight of our year so far …”
Ben from West London

“…we really had very little idea of what to expect from FestivalEstival but nothing could have prepared us for such a hilarious and action packed few days.  We could not have enjoyed ourselves more and felt that we must lead very mundane and boring lives in sunny Yorkshire …”
Christopher and Ann from York